Exposición de María G. de Azcárate en la Galería Siilk de Atenas (Grecia)

Prosforá / tender /ˈtɛndə/ – Showing gentleness, kindness, and affection.

Prosforá is a group show curated by Siilk Gallery showcasing an all female photographer lineup from all corners of the world.

OPENING OCTOBER 3rd | 6pm – 10pm @ Siilk Gallery. • Music provided by Blanda.


María G. de Azcárate.

María G. de Azcárate is a Spanish born and raised visual artist, currently based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Easily moving between authentic documentary and surreal scenography, analogue and digital all her images speak a whimsical and alluring language that radically exposes the vulnerability and the strangeness of the everyday.

The body of work presented is a small part of a larger project in which she “recycles” her own discarded/forgotten photo archive, started about eleven years ago, a mixture of analogue and phone photography.

Nowadays, we are subject to a new way of consuming images, more immediate and crowded. With this collection of photographs, she tries to declutter and appropriate her own deserted photographic archive, confronting her past with her present, creating new narratives.


[ Las copias para esta exposición han sido realizadas mediante impresión con tintas pigmentadas sobre papel 100% algodón, de 320 gr/m² ]